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Caltech is renowned for its creativity and innovation, values that community members use to further a more sustainable future. What will your imagination lead you to contribute?

Lead and Contribute

Each person can prioritize sustainability, on campus, within labs and observatories, and as part of the broader community. Thousands of Caltech community members make a difference through actions like these: Faculty, postdoctoral scholars, students, and alumni increase humanity's knowledge about Earth and invent sustainable technologies, and provide expert advice to national, state, and local government agencies. Researchers join the Green Labs program. Custodians use nontoxic cleansers. Landscape workers nurture climate-adapted plants with homemade mulch. Facilities planners choose sustainable construction materials and hire local businesses, reducing transportation impact. Dining staff write the recipe for sustainable institutional fare with locally, responsibly sourced foods and waste reduction. Office- and lab-based staff switch off computers and other equipment that are not in use.

Find rewarding alternatives to commuting alone in a car:
Rehome household and laboratory items you no longer need:
Join up, exchange ideas, make a difference:

Sustainability-Related Events

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May 22, 2024 4:00 pm

Environmental Science and Engineering Seminar

Multiphase chemistry of atmospheric brown carbon
Christopher Hennigan, University of Maryland, Baltimore County,
Host: Kat Ball
June 3, 2024 2:00 pm

Caltech's Rocket Fund 10th Anniversary Showcase

Resnick Sustainability Institute Rocket Fund

Image, top of page: Co-founders of LEAP, Caltech's Lab Equipment Access Program, which provides much-needed laboratory equipment to K–12 schools and community colleges.