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Green Cleaning

Green cleaning at Caltech protects the environment and people's health.

A Good Cleaning

Caltech established a green cleaning program to reduce the environmental impact of cleaning chemicals and equipment, and protect the health of employees, students, and faculty. The program also reduces costs and increases employee satisfaction.

Caltech purchases cleaning products that are certified to meet Green Seal's GS-37 Leadership Standard, meaning that they work very well and are better for the environment and human health.

Custodians receive training and certification in green cleaning. They maintain cleaning equipment well to protect indoor air quality. Their use of chemical concentrates and controlled dilution systems helps prevent packaging and cleanser waste. Caltech schedules cleaning and supply purchases to minimize use of chemicals while optimizing cleanliness.

Image, top of page: Green cleaning protects the health of Caltech custodians (Mauricio Villagran, left, Augustin Valadez, right).