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2014 Caltech Energy Forum Schedule

Morning Keynote 

The Art and Math of Getting Efficiency Projects Approved

Mark Jewell, EEFG Founder & President

Afternoon Keynote 

Energy Smart Buildings at Microsoft

Darrell Smith, Microsoft Director of Worldwide Energy & Building Technology

Session 1:


Energy Efficiency: The Value Beyond Simple Payback

Key success strategies from the five year history of Caltech’s green revolving fund, the Caltech Energy Conservation Investment Program. Presenter: Matthew Berbée

Session 2:


Sub-Metering: Big Data, Big Results

How UC Irvine combines cost effective sub-metering with big data to produce big results. Presenter: Matt Gudorf 

Session 3:

Smart Commissioning

How Caltech is using big data and building analytics to transform the commissioning process. Presenters: Matthew Berbée,Glenn Friedman, Jim MeachamandTom Shaffer

Session 4:


Speed DATA’ing

Topics/Speakers: Building Data & Operations, Bartelt; Data Center Cooling, Shaffer; Finance, McLeod; Lab Exhaust Efficiency, Friedman; LEED v4, Van Abel; Pressure Independent Control Valves, Hyman; Smart Commissioning, Meacham; Strategic Partnerships, Fletcher; and Sustainability, Onderdonk

Session 5:


Integrated Energy Strategy

What questions should you ask yourself about future energy procurement? How can you be sure your energy strategy is the right fit for your organization? Presenters: Jim Cowell, Rob McKenna , and John Onderdonk 

Session 6:


Closing Panel: Making Big Data Work

Closing insight, questions and reactions to the day’s discussions. Moderator: Kara Bartelt; Panelists: Matthew Berbée, Mark Jewell, John Onderdonk and Darrell Smith