Built Environment

At Caltech, we recognize the importance of ensuring building occupants are provided with safe, clean, and productive work environments. Meeting these needs is essential in supporting the Institute’s research and education mission. The Facilites Department will ensure existing and future facilities meet and maintain a high level of energy, water, and resource efficiency.

Strategies in Progress:

  • Incorporate LEED, Labs 21, and Living Building Challenge principles into Institute Design Guidelines
  • Consider lifecycle costs during design, construction and operation of buildings
  • Ensure that new buildings and major renovations meet LEED-NC Gold certification requirements
  • Retrofit existing core campus buildings to achieve a high degree of compliance with the Water Efficiency and Energy and Atmosphere categories in the LEED-EBOM guidelines
  • Transition to drought tolerant or climate adapted vegetation
  • Maintain permanent open space
  • Expand integrated pest management plan

Strategies Planned:

  • Conduct comparative operational performance study of recent certified LEED buildings
  • Investigate synergies between LEED-EBOM and LEED-NC requirements
  • Determine campus tree canopy coverage
  • Expand use of compost material produced on campus as mulch

To learn more about our integrated design program, click here.