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Caltech Energy Conservation Investment Program (CECIP)

In a collaborative effort with 32 other leading U.S. institutions, Caltech helped launch the Billion Dollar Green Challenge, an initiative to invest a cumulative total of one billion dollars to fund energy-efficiency upgrades on campuses across the country. Caltech was the first institution to make the commitment to use a self-managed green revolving fund for sustainability improvements as part of the challenge.

Caltech's green revolving loan fund is called the Caltech Energy Conservation Investment Program (CECIP).  CECIP is the process by which capital to implement energy conservation measures is borrowed from the endowment and, through a rigorous system of measurement and verification, savings are moved from the utility budget back to the endowment. 

These profitable investments help create green jobs in campus communities while lowering operating costs on college and university campuses. As part of the Billion Dollar Green Challenge, the Sustainable Endowment Institute has prepared a case study of CECIP.

To learn more about CECIP, please download our white paper or review the most recent annual report.

Active CECIP Projects:

  • Moore Labs DDC Retrofit
  • Beckman Institute RCx Implementation
  • Fairchild Library Fan Coil Unit
  • Bridges RCx Implementation (West)